Protest Sign Ideas for the Women's March

Protest Sign Ideas for the Women's March have been on my mind this week.  Like a lot people, these last few months have left me feeling powerless and angry. But I've also used this time to reevaluate what I can do, how to move forward and use this time as a call to action in my life. I spent yesterday brainstorming possible Protest Sign Ideas for the Women's March this coming Saturday. I'm not able to go to DC but I'm excited to participate in my local RI one. I actually had a lot of fun! Something about the little one off projects can be the ones where great ideas just pour out of you. Here's are the Protest Sign Ideas for the Women's March I came up with. I also am including this link to all of the images shown here for your own use*. Please consider going to your local march this coming Saturday. There's a lot of scary change coming to this country and I truly believe that all of our voices matter. Go out and make yours heard.


*all the usual jazz- All images belong E.Campanella Studios and are to be used for personal use only. If you do share them ( and I hope you will ) please just credit me or tag me on instagram @ecampanellastudios . If you do end up marching with my sign, I would love love love to see it!